Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dreams do come true!

Ok, so....... it's been a while and there a lot of catching up to do. Hmmm, where did I leave off? Oh, right, yes. Let's jump right in then, shall we? I have been dating a wonderful, generous, sweet, handsome, smart, funny, sensitive total package of a man for coming up on two years now. About a year ago he got a job offer to work in the DC area. Upon taking this job, he packed up and sold his house in Durham leaving me behind in NC. OK, ok, that's not fair. He didn't leave me behind. He would have liked for me to follow but I am a dedicated professional and I didn't feel that I could leave my job in the beginning of the year, especially given my role. So, we did the long distance thing, which wasn't easy, but we made it through. I applied for jobs in the DC/Northern VA area in April of this year. I interviewed with two systems. One I wanted to work for and the other I desperately did not but given the circumstances I would take what I could get just to get my foot in the door. I took the latter part of my spring break being interviewed by these school systems, after having moved my mother up to NC from AL (a long awaited and needed move for her). Continuing to look for posted positions, in the very end of May I found another open position in the Fairfax County School System. There were two openings in fact; one for a general psychologist and the other for a senior psychologist. Having had eight years of experience, supervised three interns, been a mentor, and worked at all levels of needs and grade I felt, why not apply for the senior psychologist position? I never thought I would get the job, let alone an interview but low and behold about a week after I applied for the job I got a call for a telephone interview for both positions!!!! Now, I knew that for the higher level positions, people are typically hired from within due to familiarity with the system, not always, but more times than not. Regardless, I was taken aback when offered that interview. Long story short, I was interviewed on a Tuesday and offered the general psychologist position on Friday!! Now, to put that into more perspective, this week after getting to know some of the other newly hired psychologists, I have not run into one yet who was offered a phone interview, let alone have such a short turn around time for the offer! Yeah, feeling pretty good about myself.

So, present day, I am temporarily living with my boyfriend until I find a place to live in the Northern VA area. I have a place on hold, if you will, but there are other possibilities in the mix. My boyfriend, as I mentioned, sold his house less than a year ago and he and I have been hitting the roads attending open houses in the nearby areas because he would like to buy. Can't blame him, rent here is OUT-RAGE-OUS! So, after about three weekends of "hunting" he was made aware of a property in Alexandria, an area we were both drawn to and that has a lot to offer. It had just come on the market and through the online website we used to search for listed houses, we took a look at it. It didn't take long before he was calling an agent to set up a showing for that weekend. It was the first house we saw last weekend and needless to say we both got in the car and had an "OMG" moment. A great kitchen was on the top of both of our lists but I really wanted a back yard for the dogs (honestly, because I am lazy and don't like hopping on an elevator, walking through a lobby, double doors, and then up to a green area to take them out - do you feel me people? Open back door, let dogs out, dogs finish, open door to let them back in. That's about my speed). After looking at a few more properties that day, we talked about it and he decided to call the agent and discuss putting in an offer. Offer was made on Monday night and accepted on Wednesday (which just happened to be my birthday!)!! So, enjoy the little video I put together of Seth's soon-to-be new AWESOME house!!

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  1. The quality isn't that great on here but to see the pics better you can blow it up. You might not be able to read my captions, but that doesn't matter, it's the pictures everyone wants to see anyway, am I right? ;)